Reboots One Recovery Boots Controller Product Gallery
Reboots One Recovery Boots Product Gallery
Reboots One Recovery Boots Controller Product Gallery

Reboots One Recovery Boots

Reboots One offers you maximum recovery power with 8 compression chambers and 6 massage programs. Ideal for at home a guarantor for regeneration at top level.



Reboots One: Your Advantages

Exclude pain-sensitive areas

Each chamber can be deactivated individually. You do not need to go without your secret weapon just because your lower calf hurts.

Reboots for Home Use

Reboots One are ideal for use at home. Do you travel a lot? With our Reboots GO model, you’re no longer dependent on an electrical socket.

Choose from 6 programmes

Long, short, intense, targeted, gentle. For recovery after training and for warming up. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Perfect fit with 8 compression chambers

The high number of chambers and the 3 boot sizes allow for optimal fit and perfect results.

More Reboots Features

Quality advantage due to overlapping chambers
With the overlapping compression chambers, you achieve smooth transitions and a particularly effective massage.

Pressure in 8 intensity levels
Adjust the compression pressure to your liking. Up to 240 mmHg – the air pressure of a volleyball.

More Info

Included with delivery

Reboots ONE device, 1 pair (size boots selectable: M, L or XL), hose set, remote control, instruction manual.

Technical Information

Weight (device + boots): 5,2 kg.
Dimensions (device): 30 x 24 x 10 cm
Massage pressure: 30 – 240 mmHg
Massage time up to 90 min.
Number of programmes: 6 programmes


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