Reboots One Boots (Pair)

You’re sharing your Reboots with someone else and need a second pair of boots for your set? Feel free!
Note: these boots are only compatible with the Reboots One Device, as they have 8 chambers.



Boots Info

Including hose set
The boots come with the appropriate hose set

Easy to clean
Due to the robust and high product quality you can easily clean them with a damp cloth at any time.

Minimum height of 160 cm
Experience has shown that the M-boots should just fit a person 165 cm tall. However, we do not recommend them for people under 160 cm.

Available in three sizes
Please measure your inseam:
M: up to 81 cm
L: from 82 cm to 88 cm
XL: 89 cm or longer
If your leg circumference is relatively small, you can compensate by increasing the pressure.


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