Reboots One Arm Cuffs

With the arm cuffs, we offer you the opportunity to use the Reboots One recovery programme on your arms as well!



Arm Cuffs Info

Including hose set
The product comes with the appropriate hose set.

Suitable for short and long arms
The arm cuffs are relatively long. If the arm cuffs are to be used for shorter arms, the lowest compression chamber can simply be deactivated.

Can be used for left or right arm
There is no left or right arm cuff because the compression pressure causes the cuffs to adapt to the arm. There is no need to invest in separate right and left arm cuffs

Save time with a pair
With the pair, you can regenerate both arms at the same time instead of having to alternate between the left and right arm.

Important: The arm and boot cuffs cannot be used at the same time.