Reboots Go Recovery Boots Controller Product Gallery
Reboots Go Recovery Boots Product Gallery
Reboots Go Recovery Boots Controller Product Gallery

Reboots Go Recovery Boots

The secret weapon against tired legs is now also available on the road. Reboots Go offers 100% of the performance you already know from One with 100% mobility. The set includes a mobile recovery controller with 3h battery life and a pair bootsin your size. Give your recovery a push at home and on the go!



Reboots Go: Stay Mobile On The Road

3 hours of battery life on the go

Fresh legs even without a socket. Whether on the training ground, by the pool, or under your favourite palm tree in Hawaii, use Reboots wherever it suits you.

Lighter, smaller, more portable!

Space problems are no longer a reason to go without fresher legs. The GO device is 44.4% lighter and 64.9% smaller than ONE.

Choose from 4 programmes

Whether recovery after training or a short warm-up massage: four programmes for all situations.
Also exclusive to Go: our new favourite – (D) INTENSE PULSE.

Perfect fit with 6 compression chambers

The high number of chambers and the 3 boot sizes allow for optimal fit and perfect results.

More Reboots Features

Exclude pain-sensitive areas
Each chamber can be deactivated individually. You do not need to go without your secret weapon just because your lower calf hurts.

Quality advantage due to overlapping chambers
With the overlapping compression chambers, you achieve smooth transitions and a particularly effective massage.

Pressure in 16 intensity levels
Adjust the compression pressure to your comfort! Up to 240 mmHg – roughly the air pressure of a volleyball.

More Info

Included with delivery

Reboots GO device, 1 pair (size boots selectable: M, L or XL), hose set, operating instructions.

Technical Information

Weight (device + boots): 3,5 kg
Dimensions (device): 22 x 13,5 x 8,5 cm
Application pressure: 30 – 240 mmHg
Application time: up to 99 min
Number of programmes: 4 programmes


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