Frequently Asked Questions

How does REFRESH work?

REFRESH is an Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) incorporating eight interlocking pressure cells that encircle the leg during treatment. As pressure alternately increases and decreases around the leg, REFRESH stimulates venous and arterial blood flow and helps reduce toxins and inflammatory waste products, delaying the onset of muscle soreness and reducing the risk of injury.

When should I use REFRESH?

For best results, use REFRESH immediately after exercising. This will optimise swelling reduction and reduce time for muscle function and heart rate to return to a resting state.

How long should I use REFRESH?

REFRESH comes with 30-minute preset treatments as default. The timer can be manually adjusted for longer or shorter treatments.

In which countries will the unit function?

REFRESH’s compressor is compatible with currents between 110V and 240V, so it can work in any country. Please note that you may need a local adapter to connect the device to your plug.

Traveling with REFRESH?

REFRESH’s control unit should travel with you in your carry-on luggage; the boots can be placed in your checked luggage or your carry-on. The device comes with a carry bag allowing you to easily travel with your unit.