Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How do Recovery Boots work, and is the effect really so great?

Recovery Boots create a gliding massage for your legs. They help you to remove waste products from your metabolism, such as BLa (blood lactic acid), which accumulate in your muscles during exercise and cause unwanted fatiguing effects.

Most people feel a clear effect after intensive training. This has also been confirmed by various studies. However, the recovery process is different for everyone. Therefore it is best to try it yourself and convince yourself of the value of our Reboots. In our HELP-CENTER, you will find an article about the current findings of scientific studies.

What makes Reboots special?

Reboots works with relatively high pressure (up to 240mmHg) and a higher number of air chambers than most other suppliers. This creates an intensive and gliding compression wave. Reboots give you individual and intensive regeneration.

How are they different from pressure wave massagers?

An important difference is the pressure intensity with which you work. Reboots creates a pressure of up to 240 mmHg, which leaves many other devices behind. The high pressure is necessary to achieve a sufficiently intensive compression of the much firmer muscle tissue and to “squeeze out” waste products. Medical devices are primarily aimed at the removal of water retention.

Reboots Go

If the battery is dead, can the device still be used when plugged into a socket?

In short: Yes!

Can the device be charged with a normal power bank?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.

In which countries can I use RebootsGo?

With Reboots Go, we want to offer maximum mobility. Reboots Go you should be able to charge anywhere without any problems via an electrical outlet. Assuming you’re using the right socket adapter.

Can I take RebootsGo on the plane?

Yes, normally this shouldn’t cause any problems. Just remember to take the control unit with you in your hand luggage and not in your checked luggage.

However, we cannot guarantee that you will not have any problems as baggage regulations are not completely uniform. We’ve had no problems with air travel so far.

Reboots One

What is the compartment on the underside of the control unit for?

Under the lid there was a screw that fixed the pump in place during transport to prevent damage. After that, the screw was unnecessary, which is why we have already removed it for you.

In which countries can I use RebootsOne?

That depends on which mains voltage is used in the countries. The Reboots One currently only works with a voltage of 230 volts. This is common in almost all European countries, like Germany, France, Italy, Spain or the UK, so that you can Reboots can be used here without any problems.
However, there are some countries where a different mains voltage is used. In the USA, parts of South America and Asia, for example, a voltage of 110 volts is common. In this case you need a voltage converter to use RebootsOne.